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Guerrilla Exhaust | The Sound of Power

Would you like to control the sound of your existing exhaust? Check out the Guerrilla Bypass valve module kit.

Sometimes you just want to cruise the streets. But when you're power hungry, you'd like to switch to optimal sound and maximum power. The custom Guerrilla Premium valve equipped exhaust system is the right choice for you.

Looking for a top quality sports exhaust that delivers more torque and horsepower? You'll find it right here.

Time to replace your exhaust with something really durable? Consider the Guerrilla Stealth exhaust system.

Need exhaust parts or accessories? Want to build an exhaust yourself? Take your pick from our assortment of spaghetti manifolds, headers, race cats, CNC laser-cut flanges, tubes, piping, mufflers, tail tips and more.

The Guerrilla beliefs

Sound is emotion and life is always in motion
. We love extraordinary cars and are addicted to the sensation they deliver. We help people that share this passion in experiencing their vehicle to the max.

Everyone should have freedom of choice. That is why we give people the option to experience their car with emotion or ratio: relaxed or raw, comfortable or cool, mild or wild, Stealth or Guerrilla.

An exhaust is essential for a combustion engined verhicle. We develop, manufacture and deliver valve equipped exhaust systems and products, highly valued by our customers.

Nissan GT-R with flaming exhausts
Photo by Justdave Photography