About us

The Sound of Power

We are Guerrilla Exhaust, automotive sensation addicts. We help people that share this passion in experiencing their car to the max. That's why we provide valve equipped, sound adjustable exhaust systems - top quality custom exhausts for any car brand and model.
Cars are emotion, for our customers and for us. We feel that people should be able to experience their car with their heart, soul and mind. Sometimes raw and pure, sometimes relaxed or rational. An exhaust is an essential element of a car's driving sensation.

The right exhaust fits the character of the car and the personality of the driver. A Guerrilla exhaust is custom crafted, and in most cases the sound is adjustable by a touch of the button on the wireless remote control.

History of Guerrilla Exhaust

To realize his vision - the optimal exhaust combines performance and sound - car enthusiast and innovator Sebastian Blokland established Guerrilla Exhaust in 2008.

Guerrilla Exhaust develops, produces and installs exhausts with an exclusive valve and routing system, custom made for every car.

Thanks to the right choice of many car lovers, Guerrilla Exhaust keeps growing - and relentlessly pursues new solutions, products, innovations, novelties and services in the field of exhaust and emissions applications.

A good exhaust is an investment in driving pleasure

Quality is a key driver. Guerrilla exhausts are always a perfect fit for a car. This guarantees a good lool and performance, as wel as sufficient ground clearance and solid fixation.

For example, we use “1,5 D” bends, meaning with a 2.5 inch exhaust we can create a 90-degrees turn with a radius of just 82,5 mm, without sacrificing flow. This is a benefit compared to conventional roll push bending.

Guerrilla Exhaust only uses the best materials. Our exhausts are made of 304 stainless steel. Durable, nice sound and efficiency due to the good thermal characteristics. We use CNC laser cut flanges for seamless, leak-free connections. And we use MIG and TIG welding, keeping our steel creations nice and tight.

Guerrilla assortment

On this website you find all products of Guerrilla Exhaust:
  • Guerrilla Premium valve equipped exhausts with adjustable sound and power
  • Guerrilla Performance sports exhausts
  • Guerrilla Stealth silent stainless steel exhausts
  • Guerrilla Bypass cut-out valve module kits, with and without installation
  • Manifolds, headers, downpipes and race catalytic converters
  • Various exhaust parts and accessories