Performance exhaust systems

Guerrilla Performance exhaust: supreme power

You drive a fast car, but you want more. There are many options, from a K&N open air intake, to chiptuning and technical engine tuning. But once upon a time, your standard exhaust will become the limiting factor.

The Guerrilla Performance exhaust aims for maximum performance - optimized for your car and your personal wishes. Resulting in a car that sounds fast, feels fast and drives fast.

Turbocharged engines benefit from a large diameter downpipe that enhances the efficiency of the turbo, delivering even more power. Guerrilla downpipes are available with and without (race) catalyst.
Uitlaat Performance enkel inclusief installatie
Uitlaat Performance enkel inclusief installatie
Guerrilla Performance sportuitlaat, enkelvoudig, inclusief installatie: volledige uitlaat vanaf katalysator, maatwerk, voor iedere auto, vaste prijs zonder meerkosten
€ 1.199,00